Northern Tier

Here are all the posts for our Seattle to Bar Harbor, Maine bike ride in 2016.

Prep: Summer Adventures 2016 are set to begin!

Day 1: Car, bus, plane, bike, ferry, bike

Day 2: A full day … Of adjustments

Day 3: Into the mountains

Day 4: Quads are screaming so focus on the beauty

Day 5: You guys, it’s so hottttt

Day 6: Goodbye sun, hello rain

Day 7: Richard saves a turtle!

Day 8: Unto the third state

Day 9: Where’d my energy go?

Day 10: Went to the sun

Day 11: Pains setting in, time for a zero

Day 12: ZERO!

Day 13: Of tailwinds and sidewinds

Day 14: Getting warmer

Day 15: Life on Route 2

Day 16: Storm chased

Day 17: Working hard or hardly working

Day 18: Leaving Montana

Day 19: Headwind broken record

Day 20: Continuing the week of wind…

Day 21: The longest day yet

Day 22: More wind, more miles

Day 23: Zero in Fargo

Day 24: Riding through Minnesota lakes

Day 25: The raccoons ate our breakfast!!

Day 26: Halfway Day!

Day 27: A lovely introduction to Wisconsin

Day 28: It’s raining…who wants a zero?

Day 29: Beautiful day for visits from friends

Day 30: Blue, white, green, gold

Day 31: Ice cream is magic

Day 32: Crash, bang, BOOM!

Day 33: Shortest day yet…

Day 34: Zero on Mackinac

Day 35: Just keep pedaling

Day 36: Scattered thunderstorms

Day 37: Back in the swing of things

Day 38: Michigan wins worst roads

Day 39: One more ferry into Canada

Day 40: Hot day for riding

Day 41: A hot day, take 2

Days 42, 43, 44: Taking a break

Day 45: Dusty day on the canalway

Day 46: Rain and flats

Day 47: Now we’re early risers

Day 48: A nice day to be rescued

Day 49: Into Vermont

Days 50 and 51: Double zero

Day 52: Biking for the ice cream

Day 53: The last long climb

Day 54: To the coastline!

Day 55: We made it!