Riding through Minnesota lakes

Day 24

Miles: 111, I think

Mileage from start: 2,090

Yesterday, the cycle computer on Richard’s bike recorded an additional 14 miles. But at some point yesterday the magnet that marks each time the wheel rotates 360 degrees got knocked out of line with its sensor. And he didn’t notice until 5 or 10 miles into today’s ride. So, we added some miles yesterday but didn’t record all of today’s. I’m just going to call it a wash and go from where the odometer sits right now. Close enough.

We, of course, got later start leaving the hotel. I slept poorly because the A/C in our room would freeze the place while it was on then let the temperature rise four or so degrees when it went off. I spent the night alternating between sweating and shivering.

We ate at the hotel then listened to podcasts while we packed. Fortunately, and for the first time in what feels like a long time, we had a wind out of the west. But first we had to get north of town.

We passed into Minnesota within a few miles, went north for 7 or so and then turned east putting our backs to a strong wind.

The next miles flew by. Every time we turned north or south for a stretch we were reminded just how heavy handed the wind really was. At one point I got blown off the road into the dirt and couldn’t get back on the pavement while biking. I had to get off my bike and walk the few feet west to the road because I couldn’t get a purchase on the gravel into the wind.

We got chased by two dogs today. Bikes just seem to bring out that predatory instinct in them. Neither seemed mean, just curious and excited. With the wind at our backs we were able to outrun them. But they still got into the road and could have been hit by cars. 

Just as we got to our campsite, it started to rain. We set up quickly and dove into our tent, eating and changing in the cramped quarters. 

I am tired today but happy with our progress.

This is a photo at the Minnesota state line where they should have put a sign, but didn’t. My face says disappointment.

Riding the sky.

Half my face and Minnesota.

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