Zero in Fargo

Day 23

Miles: 0

Mileage from start: 1,965

Our last zero in Waterton Village was unlike any off day I’ve had during an endurance trip. We slept, we ate, we chilled out. I was beginning to think that thrubiking was just so chill in comparison to thruhiking where zero days are filled to the brim with town chores.

This time was a little different. 

We slept in a bit, ate breakfast until they closed it down, then headed off to get Richard’s bike fixed. 

First we went to a local version of Dick’s where the bike department was very kind and friendly, but ultimately inexperienced. They incorrectly installed the new cable, which made it appear that the shifter was bad. If that had been the case, the bike would have needed a new shifter, rear derailleur, rear cog set and chain given their inventory and the age of Richard’s bike.

The nice thing about these bike parts is that they last 15 years. But when one part eventually breaks, you have to replace everything because no one will still make the part you need and nothing new will be compatible.

So it goes, we thought. 

Fortunately Richard took it over to another bike shop that said it had more compatible inventory and they found that the cable was improperly installed.

So instead of spending hundreds of dollars on parts Richard didn’t really want, he spent $15 and got his bike back that same day.

I went to the post office and mailed home some maps.

We met back at the hotel for a nap and snacking. Then we went to a zoo that just happened to be half a block away. 

It was small, but kind of fun. The cow in the farm exhibit was very nice. Most of the cows we bike past run away.

Then it was dinner at a Korean/Japanese restaurant, bike cleaning, body hair management, more snacks and bed.

It’s been interesting to watch the farms change from fruit orchards in Washingon to grain in Montana to more grain and corn in North Dakota. Also, there are trees now. Not just cottonwoods along the rivers but REAL trees that grow where you plant them and tall! They offer shade and wind breaks. So nice. 

Next we head to the 10,000 lakes of Minnesota.

Camels at the zoo. My favorite animal was the armadillo. It laid on its back, feet in the air twitching absently. It was asleep and dreaming.

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