Reading days

I try to read for pleasure every day, but that doesn’t always happen. Life and TV (on the Internet) usually get in the way. I also try to plan a Reading Day once a month. On Reading Day, I do not exercise or attempt to try an elaborate new recipe. I do not write or […]

Microwave cooking

I hate cooking. Now that I have the flexible job when it comes to time and locale, I have to defer to Richard’s job. That means, I have to do the cooking. I hate cooking. Here’s an example of how much I hate cooking: on the nights that Richard is not around for me to […]

Where’d you go, winter?

I recently moved from one of my favorite places on earth (New Hampshire) to Colorado (also nice). My intention was to spend the next couple of months skiing and prepping for a Pacific Crest Trail hike, all the while enjoying the snow-covered mountains outside of Denver. However, since leaving New Hampshire, it has snowed many […]

Thunderdome and Journalism

Editor’s note: this post was written in April 2014, but not published until Sept. 2014. This week, company I recently worked for announced it was cutting the ambitious project, Thunderdome. Thunderdome was an attempt to rival the Associated Press, centralize national news efforts for the long list of local papers who are owned by Digital […]

On the train

I haven’t ridden a train in the United States before. In Europe and Asia, trains are the way to move, I found, so that was how I got between cities. Planes and cars are expensive and burdensome, even in the U.S., but you can move enormous amounts of stuff with them. I have to leave […]