Here are all my posts from my time working at McMurdo Station in Antarctica:


Australia by 30

Orientation and Christchurch

Christchurch to McMurdo

Day 1 at McMurdo

Setting in on the Ice

My first day off on ice


Christmas at McMurdo

Is it 2016 yet?

Discovering the hut

New Year’s at McMurdo

The Life of a Galley Worker

McMurdo: the weirdest place in America

The McMurdo Marathon

Photos from McMurdo

A quick trip to New Zealand (sort of)

Challenges to sleeping

A Room with a View

Apple Sleepover

“Shot my Bolt”

Richard gets to boondoggle

Happy Campers

Voting from The Ice

Science Lab tour

Tour of the USS Polar Star


Adventures in Redeployment

McMurdo Sufferfest

Off the Ice