Ice cream is magic

Day 31

Miles: 122

Mileage from start: 2,788

Today marks a month since we rode away from the Sea-Tac Airport. The day, like that first day, was blue skies and warm. 

We woke up with the mosquitoes waiting impatiently outside our tent. Both Richard and I are covered in bites. I have three in a row behind my right knee, all within 5 mm of the next.

The heat of the day, plus the humidity of our Midwestern climate slowed me down today. When we set up camp last night we were both low on food and water. I biked the first 25 miles on just a few swallows. And then when we stopped for water at a small restaurant, the water we got tasted badly enough that it made me feel nauseated.

About 12 miles after that we stopped at a convenience store and restocked on better water and more food.

By 3 p.m. we had covered about 60 miles. I felt hot and tired and was relying on Richard to make a draft for me to sit in.

That’s where the ice cream came in. 

I ate a 500 calorie ice cream-cookie sandwich and felt a million times better. I assume that’s because ice cream is like eating feel-better magic.

The next sixty miles felt like they went by much faster. Magic, I tell you.

Tonight we are cleaned and fully fed and in a hotel room, up way past our bedtime.

Crossing into Michigan. (Sorry it’s fuzzy. There was some humidity on the lense.)

Michigan riding.

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