Trail magic!

Day 4 (106) Miles: 21.6 Mileage: 2,212.5 After a colder-than-chilly night, we woke up in a fog. It took the sun a couple of hours to really start shining. I started the day with my gloves on and even though I took them off after the first 5 miles, it would have been nice to […]

Ice cream is magic

Day 31 Miles: 122 Mileage from start: 2,788 Today marks a month since we rode away from the Sea-Tac Airport. The day, like that first day, was blue skies and warm.  We woke up with the mosquitoes waiting impatiently outside our tent. Both Richard and I are covered in bites. I have three in a […]

Blue, white, green, gold

Day 30 Miles: 122 Mileage from start: 2,666 Today was all blue skies, white, puffy clouds, bright green trees, and roads lined with white and gold wildflowers. The temperature was a pleasant 75 degrees and all the trees blocked any wind there was. The climate has definitely changed from the open plains. Rather than all […]

The last of the altitude

Miles: 1017.7 to 1043.2 Mileage: 25.5 Day: 60 The sun hit our tent early and the heat woke me up. Richard soon followed and we packed up. The air outside the tent wasn’t quite as warm as inside, but we got moving quickly enough. Just 100 feet further down the trail, we saw what would […]

Leaving Yosemite

Miles: 987.3 to 1017.7 Mileage: 30.4 Day: 59 When we woke up, mosquitoes were already surrounding our tent. We made a mad dash for the deet but even then the swarm wouldn’t leave. Under another blue, sunny day we started off with a ford. After that, the trail slowly went up 1,500 feet to Dorothy […]

Fords, mosquitoes and sunshine

Miles: 963.3 to 987.3 Mileage: 24 Day: 58 We slept in a valley, so the warmth of the sun didn’t make its presence known until we’d walked about a mile. As soon as I stepped into the direct sunlight, I was hot. Too hot. I stripped off my rain/wind layer, unbuttoned my sun shirt, took […]