To the coastline!

Day 54

Miles: 103

Mileage from start: 4,547

The heat returned in Maine and we spent the day soaked in sweat, draining our water bottles and dreaming of ice cream. 

We left the campsite and got back on the route reasonably early for us. The heat made sure we never went too fast. By midday we got our first whiff of salt in the air. 

We came upon Brunswick and got blueberries and Gatorade at a grocery store. Despite a not overly large breakfast, I wasn’t hungry in that heat. 

We kept going up and down and up and down the continuous hills switching from route 1 to smaller roads just off route 1. They were all hilly and we never got a consistent breeze off the water. 

We decided to stop for dinner at a seafood stand and gorged on lobster rolls, milkshakes and French fries. It was another 17 miles to a state park or another 20 to a hotel. 

Given the state of our salty skin, we opted for a hotel and the luxury of a shower. 


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