A full day … Of adjustments

Day 2

Miles: 84

Mileage from start: 134.36

We slept in our new tent for the first time. It’s an ultralight tent, which means it’s light and has zero extra room inside. When we’re both sleeping, it’s fine. We just fit. But if we need to do anything else, like change clothes or sit up, it’s very tight. 

Fortunately, we are going to be generally exhausted all summer so sleeping will likely be all we ask of the tent. But let’s see how it does after a ride in the rain when all our stuff is wet and we’re frustrated and cold and trying desperately to keep our sleeping bags dry while changing out of wet clothes. 

The day was full sun again. I already have a bit of mild burn on my shoulder blades. I’ll have to work on reapplying sunscreen more often. But it’s nice weather to ride in, for sure.  

We had to stop twice because my rear tire was leaking air. I patched a small hole, probably from a thorn, the first time, then just replaced the tube the second time when I couldn’t figure out where it was leaking air. 

The roads were rolling hills all day. Fortunately, the route takes us mainly on lesser-traveled roads, but we had to spend a couple hours on Route 20 with fast-moving cars and a lot of noise. The road conditions have been fine, more or less. But it’s a beautiful place to ride. 

Our bodies are slowly adjusting to the work. My body is already desperate for sleep. (I meant to write this entry last night but fell asleep before it was dark.) I have tan lines forming on my legs. I am hungry, but not desperately so yet.

We made it to the Burlington, WA area around 6:30. Because we were in the vincinity of a hotel where we could use points to stay, we opted for showers and sheets. 

On the way, we happened upon a taco truck and are many many gorditas, flautas and mulitas.

The last we will see of the Pacific Ocean as we move east.
Inflating my flat tire for the second time today.
Crossing the Padillo Bay.
Heading east toward Burlington, WA.

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