Into the mountains

Day 3

Miles: 77

Mileage from start: 214

I woke up this morning hungry. That’s a first for this trip with many more to come, I assume. 

We ate bagels and eggs and coffee and yogurt and fruit. Then packed up and headed east. 

Part of our day was spent on Route 20. Going up a climb, I was passed by a Sheriff. He slowed when he passed Richard and said something to him. Later Richard told me the police man commended us on our rear lights. I guess they really catch the eye of drivers. Good to know we’re visible. 

By 11:45 a.m. it was 86 degrees. By the time we stopped for lunch at 1:45 p.m., it was 97. So hot. We got lunch at the Marblemount Diner. Grilled cheese, fries, fried mozzerella sticks, milkshakes. So good. I look forward to many more meals of that same menu. 

We stopped for Gatorade before the climbing really began. The guy behind the counter asked where we  were headed. Maine, we said. ‘Bout that time of year, he said. 

Leaving the convenience store I felt heavy with liquid. Which was probably a good thing given the heat. 

After two climbs and descents we stopped to camp at a National Park Service campground in the Northern Cascades National Park. My arms and legs were white with what looked like sunscreen but was actually salt. 

We rinsed off in Diablo Lake right by our tentsite. Richard made us a fire to dry off. We ate snacks and went to bed at 8 p.m.

Morning sky.
A hot climb up into the mountains.

Campsite gear explosion.

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