The longest day yet

Day 21

Miles: 139

Mileage: 1,864

We got up early today for a long day. We knew it would take big miles to make it to Fargo tomorrow night, so we made the decision, gritted our teeth and committed.

When we got started it was chilly and windless. As the day warmed up, the wind started to blow…from the south. I don’t think prevailing winds blow from the west in North Dakota.

(Side note: as I write this, the coyotes are crying nearby.)

We took an ice cream break around noon, put in about 70 miles, then stopped for dinner — grilled cheese, French fries and a milkshake. 

It’s the perfect combination of fat, carbs and protein or me. It fuels me so well. 

After already putting in 107 miles, that meal gave me the energy to go another 25 without feeling hungry or particularly tired or bloated. So good. 

We found a close of trees to dunk into and set up our tent around 8:45 p.m. We are now within a reasonable distance to Fargo, where we plan on taking a zero!!

The forecast is calling for more shoulder wind (not quite a head wind; not quite a sidewind), so I better get to sleep. 

Morning selfie.
Which way to Maine? Straight ahead.
After nearly 2,000 miles on America’s roads, so far I vote North Dakota the keeper of the nicest pavement.

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