Back in the swing of things

Day 37 Miles: 121 Mileage from start: 3,281 Maybe that hotel stay was all we needed? With clean bikes and clean selves and full stomachs we left Chimney Corners Lodge and continued south on Route 22. Despite following very close to the shore of Lake Michigan for the last 300+ miles, we’ve seen very little […]

More wind, more miles

Day 22 Miles: 101 Mileage from start: 1,965 We fell asleep under quiet trees and woke up to the sound of strong winds blowing through them. And also the rumble of thunder.  The thunder turned out to be a fluke isolated storm that passed just miles north of us, but the wind was with us […]

The longest day yet

Day 21 Miles: 139 Mileage: 1,864 We got up early today for a long day. We knew it would take big miles to make it to Fargo tomorrow night, so we made the decision, gritted our teeth and committed. When we got started it was chilly and windless. As the day warmed up, the wind […]

Continuing the week of wind…

Day 20 Miles: 112 Mileage from start: 1,725 The first week of biking the Northern Tier was very hot. The second week was very cold. This week has been very windy. Now I’m ready for a week of very nothing. No extremes. All pleasantness and progress. We’ll see. We slept in, of course, and had […]

Working hard or hardly working

Day 17 Miles: 108 Mileage from start: 1,457 After the storm passed last night, the winds went back to their regularly prevailing direction — out of the west. We slept in until 8:30, made coffee, slowly got our things together and left around 10:30 a.m. But no matter. With the wind at our back we […]

Getting warmer

Day 14 Miles: 96 Miles from start: 1,149 This Montana wind is no joke. After a lovely sunset, I spent the night trying to sleep through the sound of the tent getting bashed by the wind.  In the morning, still with a chill in the air, I left the loud wind outside and spent some […]

McMurdo Sufferfest

So, one thing I have been disappointed with in my time in Antarctica is the lack of outdoor recreation. When it comes to indoor recreation, there’s plenty. Games, movies, drinking galore, fitness classes, organized sports in the Big Gym, even a climbing wall. But I didn’t come to Antarctica to be inside. As with most […]

The Super Wind Attacks!

Miles: 569.9 to 596.6 Mileage: 26.7 Day: 28 Not long after we’d set up our tent, chewed on a few last minute snacks, brushed our teeth and zipped up our sleeping bags, the wind started.  And not just any wind. An angry wind. Wind that tried all night, hours on end, to push us off […]

PCT Training: Snowshoeing to the Tennessee Mountain Cabin

The fierce wind blows down the mountain at Eldora, Colorado, across the frozen water of Peterson Lake and makes the Forester sway in its parking spot. Logic tells me that once we cross the road and enter the tree cover, the wind’s power will lessen, as will our risk of hypothermia. Logic also suggests that […]