Getting warmer

Day 14

Miles: 96

Miles from start: 1,149

This Montana wind is no joke. After a lovely sunset, I spent the night trying to sleep through the sound of the tent getting bashed by the wind. 

In the morning, still with a chill in the air, I left the loud wind outside and spent some time in the Quonset hut at the campground charging my phone and eating cookies. 

Richard got moving once the sun hit the tent and made the place too hot to sleep. We biked to the grocery store first and bought strawberries and blueberries and milk and coffee, as well as snacks for the day.

With a stiff breeze from the west we made great time all day. My tendinitis was much better today. I think the prairie flats are helping. 

We took a break in the sun in Chester and ate through a bag of Cheetos. 

From there it was only 25 miles to our destination in Hingham. We ate grilled cheese, salad, and nachos for dinner then made camp at the city park. 

The grass here is lush and soft. While the wind isn’t so strong tonight, I think the consistently passing trains will make up for it. 

Heading west, tailwinds abound!
Cheetos break time!

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