Beautiful day for visits from friends

Day 29

Miles: 107

Mileage from start: 2,544

The day started off a little chilly but sunny. We had a slight wind from the north. But now that the landscape is trees rather than open farm fields, the wind isn’t that big of a deal.

Our route took us north through swampy land and we only got chased by one dog. 

We stopped in Clam Lake for the night and got to spend time with a friend who we knew from her time in New Hampshire. It was so nice to sit around the fire, eat fire-roasted corn and share stories.

The mosquitoes up here are aggressive and, at least for me, elicit a pretty good reaction. I must be more allergic to the anti-clotting agent in their saliva than in other species I have more exposure to. These bites stay red and itchy for days. I have bites from North Dakota that I’m still scratching at. Richard doesn’t seem as bothered by them, but what else is new?

All blue Wisonsin sky.

Camsite gear explosion.

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