Blue, white, green, gold

Day 30 Miles: 122 Mileage from start: 2,666 Today was all blue skies, white, puffy clouds, bright green trees, and roads lined with white and gold wildflowers. The temperature was a pleasant 75 degrees and all the trees blocked any wind there was. The climate has definitely changed from the open plains. Rather than all […]

Beautiful day for visits from friends

Day 29 Miles: 107 Mileage from start: 2,544 The day started off a little chilly but sunny. We had a slight wind from the north. But now that the landscape is trees rather than open farm fields, the wind isn’t that big of a deal. Our route took us north through swampy land and we […]

It’s raining…who wants a zero?

Day 28 Miles: 0 Mileage from start: 2,437 The forecast called for rain for most of the day; at least, the part of the day that we bike. It didn’t rain overnight and when the sun rose, it was sunny.  I laid in the tent reading Bridge to Terabithia and trying not to wake Richard […]

A lovely introduction to Wisconsin

Day 27 Miles: 106 Mileage from start: 2,437 A while back, I was talking to my friend Alena about how I want to live where it never gets above 75 in the summer. Alena, who is from Duluth, Minnesota, said I should move to Minnesota because that’s what the weather is like.  She was so […]