Hi! Sorry I haven’t posted in a while. The rest of the world-travel posts are coming. Promise. Get ready for tons of posts this summer. Richard and I are going to bike from Seattle to Bar Harbor, Maine for two months after Memorial Day. Then, we’ll head back to Washington to finish the PCT at […]

A slow day on sore feet

Miles: 231.1 to 256.6 Mileage: 25.5 Day: 13 This morning was the first time on the trail that I felt beaten before lunch. The first few miles followed Mission Creek upstream. It was a seemingly endless slight uphill grade on loose baseball-sized gravel or sand. These are my two least favorite hiking surfaces.  By the […]

Hot hot heat

Miles: 22.1 to 41.5 Mileage: 19.4 Day: 2 We woke just before sunrise, but took our time getting out of our sleeping bags, discussing our dreams.  The night was so quiet. I don’t remember the last time I heard less.  As soon as the sun came across the valley to our ridge, it was warm. […]

PCT gear

As Richard and I fly out to San Diego tomorrow to start our Pacific Crest Trail hike, I have prepared for the occasion by having my gear mostly ready. Here’s what I’ve got planned. Osprey Tempest 40                                                                                               2 lbs MSR 2L titanium pot/homemade cosy/homemade pop can stove                      13.4 ounces Crocs for camp shoes                                                                                          8.6 ounces […]

PCT Training: An adventure in post-holing

As the weather in the front range of Colorado continued to warm, I planned more training hikes for the Pacific Crest Trail. I figure the more time I spend strapped into my backpack slogging up hills, the better prepared I’ll be for putting in some serious miles right off the bat. What I discovered while […]

PCT Training: New Pack Test

When I thru-hiked the Appalachian Trail in 2009, I carried an Osprey Talon 44 the whole way. I love that pack! I still use it, regularly. I have taken it around the world as my preferred bag on flights. It is durable, generally comfortable — as long as I don’t over-pack it — and has […]

Where’d you go, winter?

I recently moved from one of my favorite places on earth (New Hampshire) to Colorado (also nice). My intention was to spend the next couple of months skiing and prepping for a Pacific Crest Trail hike, all the while enjoying the snow-covered mountains outside of Denver. However, since leaving New Hampshire, it has snowed many […]