A slow day on sore feet

Miles: 231.1 to 256.6

Mileage: 25.5

Day: 13

This morning was the first time on the trail that I felt beaten before lunch. The first few miles followed Mission Creek upstream. It was a seemingly endless slight uphill grade on loose baseball-sized gravel or sand. These are my two least favorite hiking surfaces. 

By the time we crossed Mission Creek for the last time, before the real climbing began, I was ready for bed. Plus, we found actual poodle dog bush. I was glad to know what it actually looks like, but unhappy about it in general. It really does smell like marijuana. I thought the thruhiking who told us that was exaggerating. 

I think the previous two days of extremely hot weather and lots of elevation change drained me. Plus, I think my hiker hunger has set in. I can’t get by on 1,000 calories throughout the day followed by a big meal at night. I need more during the day. Like, something every half hour. So hungry. Almonds were what got me through the day. 

By mile 10 my feet were hot and bothered. A short break felt nice in the moment, but as soon as I stood up the deep ache came back. 

Within the last four miles of the day, we came upon trail magic twice! Trail magic is food, water or other services provided to hikers by generous locals as we pass through their area. Today we got soda and candy. Delightful! 

My feet are still tender as I snuggle down into my sleeping bag. I wonder if my shoes are wearing out. We’ve covered over 250 miles and I put a couple hundred miles on these shoes before the trail. I am going to see how tomorrow goes and if I’m still sore, I’ll buy a new pair. 

See that snow capped mountain far behind Richard? We were in that snow the day before. We also came over the nearer ridge and down into the whitish-looking valley and back out again.

2 thoughts on “A slow day on sore feet

  1. Hang in there; you both are doing great! It sounds like maybe new shoes and more food would help a lot. I realize posting a blog takes time when you could be resting but it’s fun to read about your adventure; so thanks for posting. Happy hiking!

  2. So, poodle dog bushes smell like skunk and marijuana! That’s SOME combination!!! Which one
    were you smoking when you wrote your last two reports?
    Love, you-know-who

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