PCT gear

As Richard and I fly out to San Diego tomorrow to start our Pacific Crest Trail hike, I have prepared for the occasion by having my gear mostly ready.

Here’s what I’ve got planned.

Osprey Tempest 40                                                                                               2 lbs

MSR 2L titanium pot/homemade cosy/homemade pop can stove                      13.4 ounces

Crocs for camp shoes                                                                                          8.6 ounces

Women’s Thermorest Neo Air Xlite, regular length, plus stuff sack                         12.6 ounces

Telescope handsfree sunbrella                                                                              12.3 ounces

Zpacks rain poncho (doubles as a pack cover)                                                       5 ounces

Sleeping clothes (long underwear top and bottom, socks), plus stuff sack that doubles as a pillow                                                                                                            1 pound, 2.2 ounces

water bladders (capacity 4.5 L)                                                                        5.6 ounces

Mini Sawyer water filter, plus stuff sack                                                                 3.2 ounces

Montbell Plasma 1000 down jacket                                                                       3.5 ounces

Sea to Summit 35L stuff sack (pack liner)                                                               2.4 ounces

iPhone 4S in Life Proof case, 4G iPod, chargers for both, plus waterproof bag to carry them                                                                                                                  9.4 ounces

Schoon menstral cup, plus cotton storage baggy                                                     1 ounce

2 bandannas                                                                                                            1.8 ounces

Western Mountaineering Versalite 10 degree sleeping bag, plus stuff sack       2 pounds, 2 ounces

500mL Nalgene bowl with lid                                                                              2.8 ounces

Snow Peak titanium spork                                                                                    .4 ounces

sunglasses                                                                                                              .8 ounces

Fenix HL22 headlamp, plus 1 AA battery                                                                3 ounces

2 pairs Smartwool PhD Women’s Outdoor Light Micro Crew Socks                        3 ounces

2 8-ounce alcohol fuel bottles                                                                                   1.8 ounces

3 hair ties, lip balm, pocket knife, pepper spray, space pen, purell, nail clippers         3.5 ounces

TP and bag to hike out TP                                                                                         2.6 ounces

toothbrush/paste, floss, 2 small tubes Vaseline (I tend to lose these), sunscreen        6 ounces

paper/permits, notebook, pencil, eraser                                                                      3.7 ounces

Credit card, debit card, ID, cash                                                                                 .6 ounces

food stuff sacks                                                                                                            2.7 ounces

TOTAL                                                                                                          12 pounds, 3 ounces


Not the lightest pack, but given that this trip is the first time I’ve put any effort into lightening my load, I’ll take it!

For those of you keeping track at home, you’ll notice one pretty necessary piece of gear missing from this list: shelter. Richard is carrying the tent (Zpacks Triplex tent; 1 pound 7 ounces). To balance it out, I am carrying the stove and pot.

I will be wearing a Patagonia All Weather dress, my mom’s polka dot sun hat that she bought at the Grand Canyon in 1974 and the Exofficio Dryflylite shirt.

Gear! Photo by Stephanie Reighart.




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  1. I remember your Mom’s polka dot hat! I am excited for you and look forward to reading about your adventure. Talk about packing light . . . . but I am surprised you chose an all weather dress instead of pants to wear. Good luck with the start of your journey!

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