Hot hot heat

Miles: 22.1 to 41.5

Mileage: 19.4

Day: 2

We woke just before sunrise, but took our time getting out of our sleeping bags, discussing our dreams. 

The night was so quiet. I don’t remember the last time I heard less. 

As soon as the sun came across the valley to our ridge, it was warm. We stopped to refill our water bladders at mile 4. We put on sunscreen and started the first climb of the day. 

My hips complained under the weight of my pack. It took me half the day to find the right fit for my pack. I couldn’t seem to please my hips or my shoulders. By 10:30 a.m. I was hot and hungry, which is code for grumpy. 

We walked until 12:30 because the trail took us up on a ridge and there was very little shade. Finally we came upon a huge live oak that provided ample shade and flat ground. We exploded our packs and ate for about an hour. Richard napped and I stretched my tight calves. 


With five more miles to camp, we got back on the trail just before three. And with the first gulp of water I took, I emptied my bladder. Fortunately there was a stream flowing about 1.5 miles up the trail. It was cold and clear. 

The last few miles to camp took us through classic California forest. Tall pines towered over us, creating pockets of cool, fragrant air. 

It wasn’t the longest day, but my feet were happy to be released from my shoes once we stopped for the day. 

The day ended with a dinner of mashed potatoes and we were in our sleeping bags before dark.

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