ZERO!! in Ashland and vicinity

Miles: 1726.5 to 1726.5 Mileage: 0 Day: 85 I can’t believe we did it. We had so much to do today and we got it all done. I really thought something would fall through the cracks or have to be postponed.  So, the backstory is: Richard got a job as lead physician at McMurdo Station […]


Miles: 1668.8 to 1699.2 Mileage: 30.4 Day: 83 We decided to get up early. The storms always seem to roll in in the afternoon. So we wanted to get a few more miles in before they ruined our plans to get out of California.  We were on the trail around 6:45 a.m., a reasonable attempt […]

Bugs: our constant trail companions

Miles: 1437.4 to 1462.9 Mileage: 25.5 Day: 74 We cannot seem to get the hang of waking up with the alarm(s). The first one goes off at 6 a.m.; an arguably late start for thru hikers as it is. The second goes off at 6:30.  I would postulate that I hear one of them about […]

Clouds! …Sometimes!!

Miles: 1381.8 to 1412.8 Mileage: 31, plus 0.6 to water Day: 72 Today it was partly cloudy; sometimes we even had clouds covering the direct sunlight for an hour or so. It’s the most clouds I’ve seen in weeks. Big, vanilla scoops of ice cream in the sky.  Today we hiked the Hat Creek Rim. […]

Sore feet to the Subway Cave

Miles: 1356.9 to 1381.8 Mileage: 24.9, plus 1 mile to water Day: 71 After camping with ants, we spent the morning hiking to Lower Twin Lake. It would be our next water source and, to our pleasant surprise, it was beautiful.  We got water and then stripped off our gross, salty clothes and went swimming. […]

The heat is on

Miles: 1335.4 to 1356.9 Mileage: 21.5 Day: 70 I woke up early to get started on the laundry. I wanted so very much to stay in bed. It was so soft and clean and comfortable. But if we wanted to get back on the trail (or have enough clothing to go get breakfast) somebody had […]

Halfway to Canada

Miles: 1305.3 to 1335.4 Mileage: 30.1, plus 0.6 to water Day: 69 We finally got up with the first alarm at 6 a.m. We haven’t done that in weeks.  I ate my last pop tart as we started walking. We spent most of the morning quiet, in our own heads. It’s not always the most […]

Belden brunch

Miles: 1278.8 to 1305.3 Mileage: 26.5 Day: 68 Today was the hottest day I can remember on the trail so far. It is certainly summer now. I can tell because my face is caked in salt at the end of the day and my clothes are pounds heavier from the sweat that’s soaked into them. […]

Lost in the words

Miles: 1247.3 to 1278.8 Mileage: 31.5 Day: 67 After waking up on the top of the ridge, we spent the morning going down, down, down to the middle fork of the Feather River.  We had to dodge poison oak the whole way. It really slowed me down because I had my bare legs brushing against […]

North we go again

Miles: 1159.7 to 1166.4 Mileage: 6.7, plus .75 from trailhead parking lot Day: 63 We stayed in bed until the last minute before the continental breakfast ended, then hurried down for coffee and bagels.  The next hour was spent trying to put our trail lives back together. After checking out, we sat in the hotel […]