The heat is on

Miles: 1335.4 to 1356.9

Mileage: 21.5

Day: 70

I woke up early to get started on the laundry. I wanted so very much to stay in bed. It was so soft and clean and comfortable. But if we wanted to get back on the trail (or have enough clothing to go get breakfast) somebody had to do the laundry. 

I talked to Mom while the wash cycle whirred. 

By 8:30 a.m., the clothes were clean and dry and I was very hungry. We got breakfast at the hotel and then got down to packing. 

We checked out of the hotel around 10, but had to stop by the gear store for more stove fuel and the post office to mail home some extra stuff before we could head back to the trail. It was already 85 degrees at 10.

The loveliest trail angel, Piper’s Mom, as she is known, gave us a ride back to the trail. She warned us that lightning was predicted. Not thunderstorms that also bring rain. Just lightning. 

It has been very dry and hot. Lightning could mean wildfires.

We got started in the heat and the heat followed us all day. There were a few clouds but nothing that made any shade for us. 

The terrain for the afternoon was a bit up and down, but none of the water carries were lengthy. 

We camped just after crossing King Creek. Not many mosquitoes joined us for dinner, but the ants climbed all over us and our stuff.

We got to bed late but slept well.

Pretty views on a hot day.

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