ZERO!! in Ashland and vicinity

Miles: 1726.5 to 1726.5

Mileage: 0

Day: 85

I can’t believe we did it. We had so much to do today and we got it all done. I really thought something would fall through the cracks or have to be postponed. 

So, the backstory is: Richard got a job as lead physician at McMurdo Station in Antarctica. It’s very exciting. That’s what we got off the trail for at the beginning of June. We had to fly to Texas for his interview.

Anyway, this is great news, but also sad news because it means we will very likely, almost assuredly, not get to finish the trail this year. That’s okay, though. This job is a good enough reason for me. 

Richard has to be ready to fly to New Zealand and “the Ice” by mid-August. In the meantime, he has been receiving all sorts of paperwork that needs filling before he can go. And, he had to get a physical and dental screening, and blood work done. 

As we are getting close to the deadline for all that stuff to be turned in, it all had to happen today. And we pulled it off somehow. 

The only thing we had to skip was the all-you-can-eat Indian lunch buffet. Ah, me. The sacrifices I make for my relationship. 

As for me, I might still get to go to Antarctica, too. I’ve applied for about a dozen positions but haven’t heard much yet. Still holding out hope, though, and planning how to spend my winter if I don’t get to go. I would love to go and would drop anything for it, but life goes on off the ice, too. 

Here’s other exciting news: Richard’s mom is coming out to visit us! We’re meeting her at Crater Lake National Park and we are thrilled for her company. 

While Richard and I love talking to each other, it will be nice to add a new brain to the mix. 

The hiking plan is still go go as far as we can before it’s time to get off the trail. And with Terry coming out, we might be able to go even faster. 

We still have about three weeks (at least) to hike. And we’ll see how things go from there.

Here’s a quick look back at my favorite California wildflowers.

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