A taste of Oregon

Miles: 1726.5 to 1743.5

Mileage: 17

Day: 86

We slept on a pillow top mattress under clean sheets after a soak in the jacuzzi tub. 

It felt great. I had some indigestion overnight that I blame entirely on gluttony. I did spend much of my zero eating.

We spent a little time organizing and then walked down the hall to a breakfast of French toast and eggs florentine. 

After breakfast, we packed up but didn’t leave the hotel just yet. We sat around the lobby for about an hour and a half enjoying the Internet and electricity a little longer. 

We got to visit with our friend, Sun Roof, as he had hiked into Callahan’s that morning. 

But with Terry on her way from Indiana to meet us at Crater Lake, we knew we must away in order to meet her on time. 

Just as we started out of the parking lot, a Callahan’s employee offered us a ride the mile to the trail head. We gladly accepted. 

Once back on the trail, we spent the afternoon watching the dark rain clouds turn to grey and white harmless fluff. The temperatures were warm but not hot. A breeze followed us into the evening. 

The terrain in Oregon so far has been relatively calm. I am enjoying the change. Although, currently we’re passing through quite a bit of private property which feels out of place on a thruhike to me. I never liked cutting through neighbor’s yards as a kid and I don’t even like seeing homes from the trail. But I know we have some serious wilderness ahead of us. 


Under the Oregon canopy.

I can only imagine that these plants taste amazing because they have put a lot of work into not being eaten. in fact, they bite you as you walk past.

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