The last of Oregon and our 2015 PCT journey

Miles: 2107 to 2155.1 Mileage: 48.1 (over two days) Day: 101 and 102 When we put Timberline Lodge to our backs and turned north, the sky was grey. The wind on the ridgeline was powerful and our quick descent below the trees was welcome. Even though I knew the end was close, the day drudged […]

A zero at Timberline

Miles: 2107 to 2107 Mileage: 0 Day: 100 I am so happy to be sitting. I limp with every step, favoring my left hip. The pain isn’t excruciating, but the muscles supporting my hip joint are weak and tired and look like a weeble. Our rented condo has two floors. Annette and Terry slept upstairs; […]

A short day up to Timberline

Miles: 2088.5 to 2107 Mileage: 18.5, plus 0.2 to Timberline Lodge Day: 99 Sleep felt so nice and came so easily. Go figure. After the last four days, both Richard and I were beat. It was nice to think that we only had 18 miles to Timberline Lodge, but then again, 18 miles never felt […]

And that makes 120+ in four days

Miles: 2058 to 2088.5 Mileage: 30.5 Day: 98 It was another chilly morning spent in gloves and with my hood up. Ultimately, the change is nice. I remember spending nearly the first month of my A.T. hike in gloves wondering when I would ever be able to hike in bare skin. So, a couple of […]

2,000 miles!

Miles: 1994.7 to 2026 Mileage: 31.3 Day: 96 The alarm went off at 5:30 and 6. Nope. Too early. Richard reset it for 6:30 a.m. Not a huge difference, but enough to make us feel better about getting up. Despite the direct sun, things took a little while to warm up. The lava walking continued […]

A Jonah Day

Miles: 1964.6 to 1994.7 Mileage: 30.1 Day: 95 Has anyone else read the “Anne of Green Gables” series? When I was a kid, I was pretty much obsessed with these books and Anne, with an “e.” (Side note: one of the things I love about my red sun hat is that, in silhouette with my […]

Who likes Cheesits?

Miles: 1944.2 to 1964.6 Mileage: 20.4, plus 2.4 to and from Elk Lake resupply Day: 94 The mosquitoes were back in the morning to wake us. Fortunately, it was on the chilly side, so they moved slowly. We were motivated to get in the 15 miles we had to cover to get to Elk Lake […]

More PCT blogs to come

Hey everybody, Sorry for the long lapse in blog posts. Richard and I got off the trail in late July and have been trying to reconnect to our real lives, which has been distracting and exhausting. I still have more to share about our last days in Oregon and they are on their way. Thanks […]

On our own again

Miles: 1914 to 1944.2 Mileage: 30.2 Day: 93 After Terry drove us the short distance back to the trail, we hugged and parted ways.  She went off the pick up Annette, Richard’s sister, from the airport in Eugene and we went north.  The day got warm, fast. Despite hiking under a fairly consistent canopy, I […]

Happy three-month trailversary

Miles: 1883.9 to 1914 Mileage: 30.1 Day: 92 Today our PCT journey turned 3 months old.  It feels like it’s been so much longer than that. Campo, California, the nearest town to the border with Mexico feels like a century ago.  And yet, for us this year, our trail journey will be over in 10 […]