On our own again

Miles: 1914 to 1944.2

Mileage: 30.2

Day: 93

After Terry drove us the short distance back to the trail, we hugged and parted ways. 

She went off the pick up Annette, Richard’s sister, from the airport in Eugene and we went north. 

The day got warm, fast. Despite hiking under a fairly consistent canopy, I was sweating and breathing hard. 

We passed a couple of beautiful ponds that I wished we could stop and camp at, but they were miles from our goal. After a couple of steady climbs and descents, the terrain mellowed to very short ups and downs for the remainder of the day. 

The mosquitoes were bad as we hiked around many, many small ponds; some clear and inviting, some brown and swarming with insects. 

We ended the day next to what was labeled as a “scenic” pond. I didn’t get a good look at the pond because all the nice campsites were taken by weekenders. Richard and I picked a flat spot next to the mosquito-ridden vernal pond instead. 

We ate Stronganoff and swatted bugs.


More formerly burned trail.


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