Happy three-month trailversary

Miles: 1883.9 to 1914

Mileage: 30.1

Day: 92

Today our PCT journey turned 3 months old. 

It feels like it’s been so much longer than that. Campo, California, the nearest town to the border with Mexico feels like a century ago. 

And yet, for us this year, our trail journey will be over in 10 days or so. That certainly does not feel real. As much as I don’t look forward to climbing out of my comfortable cocoon of a sleeping bag every morning to face a day of hiking, it’s just as hard to imagine doing something else. This trail has been my life and home for three months. 

It’s been a challenging journey, and there are certainly parts I’ll miss, but I am really looking forward to using my brain a bit more and my body a bit less. 

Today was the last day Terry slack packed us. Again, we had fine weather and moved at a decent clip. 

We took some time in the morning to eat through a box of Bisquik pancake mix. Terry brought real maple syrup from Indiana. No one out here serves real maple syrup. 

Because of the pancakes, I didn’t have to eat any of my snacks until after noon. 

After a couple of 1,000-foot climbs in the morning, the terrain mellowed out and we had flats or downhills to coast through. And lots of lakes. 

There really aren’t many streams running through this part of Oregon. I guess it all pools in the depressions between the mountains. 

Looking out across the horizon, I am reminded of the Smoky Mountains. Lush, green rolling hills forever. It looks like someone laid a huge green blanket over the earth. 

Terry met us at the proper road crossing and we drove to a nearby campsite. We made dinner and ate leftovers and shared a pint of ice cream. 


Green for miles.


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