First resupply

Miles: 101.1 to 115 via resupply in Warner Springs

Mileage: 13.9

Day: 6

The walk into Warner Springs was chilly and windy. The sky was fully overcast and even the ants were slowed by the drop in temperature. Rather than moving quickly in neat lines to and from their mounds, they lay nearly still, no work being done. 


At Eagle Rock on the way into Warner Springs.

 Motivated by the prospect of showers and hot food, we stepped lightly over the ants and made it to town — our first trail town! — by 10 a.m.

By that time, the sun was burning through the cloud layer and we were excited to get our mail drop. 

I heard someone say they were headed to the post office, so I asked to join their trip. It was only 1.2 miles away, but I was happy to avoid any unnecessary walking. Forward progress only. 

Our box was found and once back at the Community Resource Center, we divvied up the calories. I took the Oreos. Richard took the Power Bars. 

Inside, we bought two showers, two veggie burger lunches, a small bottle of olive oil and two bags of potato chips. We were too late in the day to get our laundry done … at 10:30. It’s a service in much demand. 

The showers were on the chilly side, but the end result was satisfying. Plus, we took some of our clothes in with us, so at least most of the salt was rinsed away. 

We hung our clothes to dry on the nearest peach tree and went inside for lunch. The veggie burgers were homemade and delicious!

We charged our phones and looked at the news online. 

Thanks to everyone who has been reading along as we hike. Your comments are great and much appreciated. I will try to respond as best I can! 

By midday our clothes were dry, our pot washed and our bodies clean. The dirt cache under my fingernails had washed away, as had the “tan” I thought I’d achieved on my hands and legs. 

Just as we were putting on our shoes to leave, a bird pooped on Richard’s formerly clean pant leg. And, although I didn’t discover it until later, one had also left droppings on my pack. I guess that’s what we get for parking our stuff under a tree. 

We left after 3 p.m. and hiked another 5.5 miles to camp by a flowing creek; quite the rarity in Southern California.  

Ahhhh! We’re clean! For now…

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