The sign says “northbound: congrats! first 100 miles. 26 more times. “

Miles: 82 to 101.1

Mileage: 19.1

Day: 5

Today was a different day on trail. It was cloudy and very windy. Temperatures never made it over 70. Sometimes we were walking in a fog, and with it, the humidity it brings. 

And we had hiked to our goal for the day by 1:30 p.m. 

We got on the trail at a reasonable time, just before 7 a.m.  The terrain was gentle, although the wind was fierce at times. I hiked most of the day in gloves and an ear cover. It was always too windy for my sunbrella or even my sun hat. 

By the time we got over mile 100 my feet were aching for a break and rub down. But it was fun to hike fast with my pack low on food and water, I barely felt it. 

Tomorrow will be another story: Our first resupply, shower and laundry of the trail. 

That will mean skin devoid of the sunscreen/dirt layer we’ve collected, clothes that don’t smell of sweat and heavy packs again. 

It has been fun meeting the hikers of PCT Class of 2015. Overall, it seems like a fun group of varied backgrounds and ages. Watering holes are the spots we tend to congregate. That’s partly from the necessity of water and partly because shade exists little elsewhere. 

Tonight next to the spring, Richard and I will fall asleep to the sound of peeper frogs croaking. I imagine they’re the only ones for miles given the lack of standing water nearby. 

3 thoughts on “100!

  1. I’ve also been wondering about the skirt and scrolled back (today is May 27th) to an earlier post until I found someone else commented on your wardrobe choice. I’m guessing you find it cooler than shorts? Trying to avoid chafing? Anyway, it does seem like an unusual choice but apparently works for you!

    1. That’s exactly it. I run hot while exercising and any wardrobe choice I could find to mitigate that, I thought I would try. The only thing I really miss about shorts or pants is pockets.

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