To Truckee

Miles: 1075.3 to 1078.7

Mileage: 3.4

Day: 62

To reward ourselves for the 32-mile day, we turned off our alarms. Not that we slept late or anything. The sun hit the tent early and we were baking by 7 a.m. 

We got up and were about to leave just as a fellow hiker walked past after retrieving his bear hang. His girlfriend sprained her ankle the night before, he said. Did either of us have medical training who could look at it and give her advice.

“Actually, yes,” I said.

He led us to her and Richard gave her ankle a look. She’d wrapped it and slept with it elevated. Richard told her to monitor it for pain. There didn’t appear to be a break and if it started to feel better in a couple of days, she’d be fine.

He also gave her a worst case scenario so she would know what symptoms would require her to get off the trail.

Then we hiked on to the road.


Richard celebrates being close to town.
We didn’t have to spend too much time trying to get a ride. A former PCT thruhiker and her dad were at a picnic table. She was hiking the Tahoe Rim Trail and the John Muir Trail. Her dad brought her supplies. 

He agreed to take us to South Lake Tahoe, which turned into Truckee once he realized that’s where we ultimately needed to go.

He dropped us off at the hardware store and we started to run errands: fuel canister, eat, new phone battery, eat, bookstore, grocery store, hotel, shower, hot tub, laundry, eat.

We fell asleep full and clean.

I’ve had a request for foot photos. Here is our feet after a typical day. Mine are dirtier than Richard’s because he’s been wearing Goretex shoes which keep out more dirt.

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