Our longest trail day thus far

Miles: 448.1 to 476.1

Mileage: 28

Day: 23

The cave was definitely a cool place to sleep, but I woke up suddenly when I noticed I’d been pooped on by a bird in the middle of the night. Not cool, bird. 

It was a cool morning as we hiked 6 miles to Agua Dulce, California, one of three towns the PCT moves right through. 

Right before town, we hiked through Vasquez Rocks County Park, the scene of some movies like Planet of the Apes and Blazing Saddles. Very cool rock formations. 

Vasquez Rocks County Park.

We bought food at the grocery store and cinnamon buns and egg sandwiches at the cafe. 

Then we started the long, hot climb out of town. Overall, it went well, but there were times when it felt like it wouldn’t end. I feel like I’m using that description a lot for this trail. Huh. 

On the bright side, Richard left town with three delicious bags of potato chips strapped to his pack. 


chips. chips. chips.

We took a brief break just before the second big climb of the day by eating the salt and vinegar chips. Nice and salty, could have used more vinegar. 

The second climb was a trial on my feet. I’ve found we get along best when I give them a break sometime between 3 and 5 p.m. for a solid hour. That’s not always logistically possible, however. 

Today, the break came at 5 p.m.; past their expiration date. But the break helped, anyway. The last mile before the break was painful. 

We ate dinner at the Anderson’s Oasis. The Anderson’s host hikers at their home, but also stock a shaded noll on the trail with water, soda and chairs!


Cooking dinner at the Oasis.

We pushed on with refreshed feet and full bellies for a few more miles then found a spot to spread out the tent. 

3 thoughts on “Our longest trail day thus far

  1. Nice blog. Say Hello to my PCT section hiking partners, Jim Keysor and Michael Kresser, who will be starting an 80 mile stretch from Tehachapi Pass going South tomorrow (Sunday, May 17). You’ll run into them in the next couple of days.

  2. Hey, maybe it was a bat that pooped on you. I slept in a shallow cave once in Southern California and there were bats going in and out of the cave all night!

  3. Very nice blog, thnx for sharing your adventure. What kind of pack is Richard sporting? It’s got great chip capacity…….a must.

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