In the land of lost items

Miles: 1774.4 to 1807

Mileage: 32.6

Day: 88

It didn’t rain overnight, but the trees dripped their darnedest so the tent was wet when Richard packed it away. 

While the rain stayed away all day, thankfully, it wasn’t always sunny. At one point, we were walking through thick enough tree cover that I put my sunglasses on my hat so I could see better. That happened to be during the same stretch of woods where the mosquitoes were horrible. At some point I shook my head violently to repel the buzzing bugs and I must have shaken my glasses off into the woods somewhere. I didn’t notice they were gone until the sun came back out and we were far down the trail. Oh, well.

Once we got into camp, Richard noticed his hat was missing. Not his sun hat, but the toque he sleeps in. Another item lost to the woods. He thinks it must have fallen out of his pocket sometime in the morning before he put on his sun hat. 

I hope our items find themselves on new hiker heads who are glad for the free gear. 

Tomorrow we get to Crater Lake and meet Terry! Can’t wait!

Dry sky!
Richard during our daily sunscreen application break.

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