ZERO in Big Bear

Miles: none

Mileage: 0

Day: 15

To celebrate our first two weeks on the trail, we gave ourselves a day away from it. 

We slept in, ate a huge breakfast, lounged in a hot tub and did chores. Hiker chores include: laundry, body hair removal, wash pot and spoons, rinse gaitors, buy replacement gear (like new shoes), plan the next stretch of trail, eat ice cream and download more podcasts. 

Or, at least, that’s what my chore list looks like. 

The day was sunny and the forward-looking weather calls for mostly sun. 

When we get back on the trail we’ll be upping our miles from 20 a day to 25 a day. In the last two weeks we’ve put in two 25-mile days, so hopefully it won’t be too big a shock to the system. 

In the afternoon, we got food from a Himalayan restaurant. The spinach and potato entree was awesome. I have a little leftover and I’m thinking about going to the hotel’s cafe and ordering some French fries to dip in it. 

In media news: 

We’ve been spotted on the trail and online!

Here’s a video taken by PCTA employee and former PCT hiker, Found, at the southern terminus (look at the second post on the list):

And here’s a photo taken by a Town Crier employee right before we hiked out of Idyllwild:

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