When the sun returns, we put down miles

Miles: 1617.1 to 1647.7

Mileage: 30.6

Day: 81

Again we woke to blue skies. How long will this last? A couple of hours before the thunder clouds return, maybe, I thought. 

But it lasted all day. 

We started late, per usual. But given the good weather and the prospect of hitting the diner in town the next day, I was prepared to walk.

Even through my brand new blisters. I really thought I was done with these. But a few days ago (I blame the heat) I started getting blisters on the tips of my pinky and second toe on my left foot. One is already working its way to being a callus, but the one on my pinky just keeps getting bigger. I popped it once and it came back. Well, it will have to go away eventually I guess.


That’s my miles-for-food face.
The terrain for the day was varied and the temperatures were sometimes quite warm. But after over 20 miles of up and down we had only a long downhill between us and camp. 

We got there just before dark. The mosquitoes were still out and excited to see fresh blood. The other two camping at the same place were already in their tents when we rolled in and the bugs were glad the night’s meal wasn’t over. 

Because we had dropped so much elevation, it was one of the warmest nights we’d had in a while. 

But we slept through it anyway.

Pretty sky beyond the trees.

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