Visiting Trout Lake

Day 5 (107)

Miles: 13.9

Mileage: 2,226.4

It was a chillier night and a chillier morning. I started today with my rain layer on as a vapor barrier. I kept it on until the first uphill.

Occasionally the sun poked through the clouds but not often. Despite the clouds, I enjoyed the temperatures. It’s supposed to get hot again this week, so I’m going to enjoy the 60-degree temps while they last.

Today, we walked past some of the largest trees on the PCT since the Sierras in California. (Sorry for a lack of photos; cold hands don’t take focused photos.)

By noon we were at the road crossing where a friendly hitch would take us into Trout Lake, Washington, our food drop, a shower and laundry facilities.

One of our new trail friends, Speedy, wasn’t planning on a trip into Trout Lake, so we were excited when she changed her mind and joined us along the side of the road. Speedy has a lovely perspective on her journey and I enjoy talking with her. She is predominantly calm and happy.

We got picked up by the second truck that drove past (the first driver stopped to apologize that she didn’t have room for us). Trout Lake has a reputation along the trail as being extremely welcoming and hospitable to hikers. My experience confirms that.

We got a ride from two guys who had just spent the weekend hiking themselves. They dropped us off at the General Store in town where we got our mail drop, some provisions, and made a reservation for the night at a nearby bed and breakfast.

Next, we went to the nearest cafe and ate grilled cheese, salads and huckleberry milkshakes. It was delicious.

From there, it was a .2-mile walk to our inn where we showered, started laundry and plopped down in the hot tub.

The rest of the day has been resting and organizing for our return to the trail tomorrow morning.

This is Richard’s impression of me when I wake up in the morning. I’m not a morning person. Editor’s note: This is actually what his hair looked like this morning.

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