Off and on, rain

Day 6 (108)

Miles: 15.4

Mileage: 2,241.9

We slept in until 7 a.m., ate breakfast at the inn and caught our ride to town at 9.

It started raining in the drive up to the trailhead, but we have the gear to hike in the rain with some semblance of comfort and certainly to sleep through it.

While the rain was cold, there was little wind, which was nice. The wind can drive the cold rain into the kinks in your rain gear.

At the beginning, we would stop to layer or delayer as the rain stopped and started. But by midday, it was raining full on and we were hiking heads down dreaming of getting out of our soaking shoes.

We stopped and quickly set up camp by a wide meadow full of blue lupine. Nearby was a twenty-foot waterfall. Most of the afternoon was spent in our tent rewarming.

When the rain stopped, we made dinner and a fire. When the rain started again, we dove for the tent.

Here’s hoping for a drier day tomorrow.

Richard in the rainy burned forest.
Rainy meadow. The shoulder of Mt. Adams is visible just below the cloudline.

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