Three zeros for real life

Miles: 0

Day: 46, 47, 48

We spent one day making ourselves human: showers, laundry, shower again, body hair management, sleep.

One day being human: dealing with other humans, making plans for after the trail, more showers.

And one day turning back into hikers. Resupply, eat, return rental car, pack pack.

Part of our time off the trail involved flying to Texas to pursue possible endeavors after the trail. 

The plane travel to Texas went smoothly. The travel back did not. 

We’d intended to be back on the trail after only two days off, but flight delays meant we spent the night in Reno instead of driving down to Bishop. The whole debacle put us about 24 hours behind schedule. But in the whole scheme of things, it doesn’t matter. 

Tomorrow we return to the trail in the Sierras and continue our walk north. When we get to the section of trail we slack packed near Lake Tahoe, we will get a hitch north to Interstate 80. 

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