From one adventure to the next

Day 1 (103; we left the trail last year after 102 days)

Miles: 3.7

Mileage: 2,148.3 (This mile point is according to hiker Half Mile’s calculations and is the generally agreed upon mileage)

Well, we’re back at it.

After a lovely visit at our friend’s house in Bar Harbor, we flew back to our gear and spent a day switching from bike mode to hike mode.

This morning we flew out to Portland and then took a train, then a bus, then an Uber back to the trail. We revisited last summer’s stopping point for a photo, reorganized our packs so they we were ready for hiking and took off into the woods.

Almost instantly my mind went to the audio book I was listening to as we descended to the Columbia River last July.

We didn’t get to the trail until nearly 4 p.m., so we decided to take it super easy and hike to the first good tent spot. We found a bunch of spots right by Gillette Lake.

By 5:30 p.m. we had picked our tent spot, removed our shoes and rinsed in the lake.

Dinner was leftovers from the airport. We set up our Zpacks tent for the first time in a year and luxuriated in its spaciousness. It is SO much bigger than the tent we used on the bike ride. Ahhhhh!

Tomorrow we hike higher.

Starting from where we left off.
First night back on the trail.
Collecting water.

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