From one adventure to the next

Day 1 (103; we left the trail last year after 102 days) Miles: 3.7 Mileage: 2,148.3 (This mile point is according to hiker Half Mile’s calculations and is the generally agreed upon mileage) Well, we’re back at it. After a lovely visit at our friend’s house in Bar Harbor, we flew back to our gear […]

The last of Oregon and our 2015 PCT journey

Miles: 2107 to 2155.1 Mileage: 48.1 (over two days) Day: 101 and 102 When we put Timberline Lodge to our backs and turned north, the sky was grey. The wind on the ridgeline was powerful and our quick descent below the trees was welcome. Even though I knew the end was close, the day drudged […]