A weather win

Miles: 831.2 to 852.8

Mileage: 21.6

Day: 52

The weather was beautiful ALL DAY! I can’t believe it!

It didn’t rain or snow ONCE! 

Our climb up to Muir Pass was pretty normal until we kept losing the trail under huge patches of snow about two miles before the top. It took us nearly an hour to cover the last 300 vertical feet. But all of sudden we saw the Muir Shelter that sits right at the pass. And it was so close. Tah-dah! The top!


Muir Shelter! We made it!
We ate a bit, explored the shelter a bit, then donned our rain pants, walking crampons and ice axes for some glissading down the pass.

In a glissade, you slide downhill on your butt or feet. We opted for butt sliding. It was fun, but things aren’t that steep on the north side of Muir, so we didn’t get very far.


butt sliding!
My feet were wet and sore by the end. Which meant, by the end of the day, they were really sore. I don’t enjoy wet feet.

The hike down from Muir Pass was gorgeous. The views in the middle of the Sierras are so majestic. 

Huge, blue alpine lakes. Tall, steep cliff lines overhead. Towering sequoia trees. Deer and snowshoe hares and ravens.

And everything was made all the better because it was sunny and warm in Sierras.

We covered our longest river crossing yet and our first ford a river.


Hop, hop, hop.
At camp we made a fire to keep the mosquitoes away and then sank into our sleeping bags. All this beauty is exhausting.

Evening sun on the valley walls.

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