A single day’s respite

Miles: 1532 to 1561.9

Mileage: 29.9, plus 0.1 to water

Day: 78

When we woke up it was still a little chilly. I took that as a very good sign for the day’s temperature. I even saw some cloud cover as I climbed out of the tent. 

The lack of heat or big climbs allowed us to move better than the day before. Because the temperatures stayed comfortable for hiking all day, we didn’t stop for lunch. We opted for an earlier quitting time instead. 

We filled up with water about 2 miles from our campsite. We hoped to find a flat spot soon after getting water, but we didn’t hit a suitable shoulder of the ridge until past 8 p.m.

We ate Ramon noodles and watched a bright red sunset as we brushed our teeth.

Not a bad way to send yourself to bed.

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