A Room with a View

As the season draws to a close, there are still a few recreational trips being organized. The challenge for participation is that these trips are run by lotto drawing. You enter your name and hope to get chosen. The Room with a View trip has lower odds because it is very popular. Everyone drives snowmobiles […]

My first day off on ice

The plan was to take off last night, ski or hike — depending on snow conditions — to Castle Rock (a prominent rock column just south of Mt. Erebus and about 4 miles north of McMurdo, and sleep in one of the survival huts along the route. That was the plan. However, I needed to […]

Day 1 at McMurdo

Richard had to spend a couple of hours in the middle of the night treating a patient that was staying in the medical building overnight before they could be evacuated. Then, he got up super early to go back in and relieve the Navy doctor who had stayed with the patient overnight. So, I showed […]