Into Canada

Day 27 (129) Miles: 3.9 (plus 8.5 into Canada) Mileage: 2,650.1!!! It was a cool, wet morning. The rain stopped, but every fern and bush was dripping. We spent the morning chatting and the miles seemed to fly by. Three other hikers joined our campsite the night before, so we were all pumped, and yet […]

Taking a break

Days 42, 43, 44 Miles: 15, 0, 0 Mileage from start: 3,790 Around 1 a.m. a strong storm front moved over us. The tall pines around our tent made terrific sounds as they bent against the wind. We checked the radar and saw red heading for us. Will the little tent make it? we asked. […]

A hot day, take 2

Day 41 Miles: 126 Mileage from start: 3,778 We started a little earlier today, so it was cooler in the beginning. Most of the morning was foggy and even slightly chilly, especially after eating ice cream. But we put sunscreen on anyway and it’s a good thing we did because by noon it was hot […]

Hot day for riding

Day 40 Miles: 120 Mileage from start: 3,652 We slept well and dried out the tent at the hotel. The weather forecast called for heat and humidity. Come what may. As soon as we walked out of the hotel, the heat felt like a heavy weight. Oh, well. We started biking and slogged along all […]

One more ferry into Canada

Day 39 Miles: 122 Mileage from start: 3,532 It started raining around 1 a.m. It is pleasant to sleep in a small, well-built tent in the rain. It’s kind of cozy to know you are warm and dry even though there’s just a thin bit of fabric between you and the elements. However, sleeping in […]

Of tailwinds and sidewinds

Day 13 Miles: 109 Miles from start: 1,053 We left Waterton Village under clear skies and with that wicked wind to our backs.  It didn’t stay at our backs all day, however. Much of the day was spent at a tilt to the south to accommodate for the strong wind.  In front of me, Richard […]


Day 12 Miles: 0 Miles from start: 944 Sleep, eat, sleep, boat ride, eat, sleep, eat, shower, sleep. That’s about how the day went. And how a zero should be, I think. Rest and energy consumption.  Breakfast was eggs Benedict at the hotel restaurant with goat cheese, tomatoes and spinach. Then a nap, followed by […]

Pains setting in, time for a zero

Day 11 Miles: 55 Mileage from start: 944 Right now I’m sitting in a laundromat in Waterton Village, Alberta. I am eating SweetTarts and trying to write but every time I finish a SweetTart I have to set my phone down so I can peel another off the roll. When we woke up this morning, […]

#TBT: Hiking the West Coast Trail

In college, I was a member of the OSU Mountaineers Club. We organized and led trips for rock climbing, backpacking, ice climbing, sky diving or whatever people were into or wanted to try. It was the first time I really found my community at Ohio State and I met some truly wonderful people there. At […]