Hiking with showers in mind

Day 13 (115)

Miles: 16.4

Mileage: 2,390.6

Despite the drawing town and showers, I was reluctant to get out of my bed this morning. It was chilly again and I was so sleepy.

The lure eventually took over and we left camp around 7 a.m.

It quickly warmed up and the sweating took over. It didn’t feel much warmer than recent days, but I was certainly sweating more. As we climbed another steep hill, I felt it dripping down my sides. Blech.

We passed the lovely Silver Lake and marveled at how clear the water was.

Then came another climb and a slow descent to Snoqualmie Pass. As is usual for the PCT, the trail brings you out of the woods above your destination so you can see it and start salivating. Then the trail takes you way far away from your target and winds around the woods a bit more before letting you out somewhere down the road from your goal.

The heat and the pain from my feet made this process seem all the more cruel. Regardless, we made it to the food truck (aka salvation).

Set one: eat. Step two: get resupply box. Step three: shower. Step four: laundry. Results: human.

Walking among the wildflowers.
Up, up, up.
Gorgeous views.

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