Leaving Yosemite

Miles: 987.3 to 1017.7 Mileage: 30.4 Day: 59 When we woke up, mosquitoes were already surrounding our tent. We made a mad dash for the deet but even then the swarm wouldn’t leave. Under another blue, sunny day we started off with a ford. After that, the trail slowly went up 1,500 feet to Dorothy […]

Fords, mosquitoes and sunshine

Miles: 963.3 to 987.3 Mileage: 24 Day: 58 We slept in a valley, so the warmth of the sun didn’t make its presence known until we’d walked about a mile. As soon as I stepped into the direct sunlight, I was hot. Too hot. I stripped off my rain/wind layer, unbuttoned my sun shirt, took […]

Mosquito country 

Miles: 941.7 to 963.3 Mileage: 21.6 Day: 57 We’d heard the mosquitoes could be bad north of Tuolumne. But we hear lots of things on the PCT, so we bought a small bottle of deet and didn’t think too much about it.  Oh, boy! The mosquitoes are bad north of Tuolumne. It’s not a joke.  […]

Entering Yosemite

Miles: 925.7 to 941.7 Mileage: 16 Day: 56 It rained overnight, but it was the most behaved kind of backcountry precipitation. It didn’t start until we were curled up in our sleeping bags; it was soft and without wind; and it was over well before we had to crawl out of our shelter and start […]