A zero at Timberline

Miles: 2107 to 2107 Mileage: 0 Day: 100 I am so happy to be sitting. I limp with every step, favoring my left hip. The pain isn’t excruciating, but the muscles supporting my hip joint are weak and tired and look like a weeble. Our rented condo has two floors. Annette and Terry slept upstairs; […]

A short day up to Timberline

Miles: 2088.5 to 2107 Mileage: 18.5, plus 0.2 to Timberline Lodge Day: 99 Sleep felt so nice and came so easily. Go figure. After the last four days, both Richard and I were beat. It was nice to think that we only had 18 miles to Timberline Lodge, but then again, 18 miles never felt […]