Sunsets and skiing

Less than a month after finishing the PCT, Richard and I packed 280 pounds of stuff into four very large duffel bags and flew with them to New Zealand. The plan is to live and work in Wanganui, New Zealand for the next year. We’ll use any time off to travel the country and explore […]

Euro Tour

Another blurry, overnight flight brought us to Munich. This time we upped our standards and got a BMW. You know, when in Rome… It was a nice drive south to the Principality of Liechtenstein. We went for a walk up to the castle (Schloss Vaduz) where the royal family still lives above the town of […]

Leaving Japan

We’re back at the airport after five days in Japan. On our whirlwind world tour that’s two countries down and six-plus to go.  We arrived at the Tokyo Haneda airport at 5 a.m. Tuesday morning. We took the monorail into Tokyo and spent the day walking around the Tokyo Station/Imperial Palace/Tokyo Harbor area. It was […]

My first day off on ice

The plan was to take off last night, ski or hike — depending on snow conditions — to Castle Rock (a prominent rock column just south of Mt. Erebus and about 4 miles north of McMurdo, and sleep in one of the survival huts along the route. That was the plan. However, I needed to […]