First day in the Sierras

Miles: 702.4 to 730.9 Mileage: 28.5, plus .8 back to the trail from the Kennedy Meadows General Store Day: 34 Do you know what’s heavier than 30 miles of water? 10 days of food plus a bear canister. In an attempt to make the next section of trail less complicated, we opted to hike as […]

A calorie-rich zero

Miles: 702.4 to 702.4 Mileage: 0 Day: 33 We slept in… until 7:30 a.m. I felt rested and warm in my sleeping bag. I wanted to be up by 8:30 to get in line for the laundry. So, 7:30 was a little earlier than I’d planned, but there you are.  It was a day of […]

Bye-bye desert

Miles: 676.2 to 702.4 Miles: 26.2, plus .8 to the Kennedy Meadows General Store Day: 32 For our last day in the desert, we woke up on a ridge in a cloud. Our stuff was wet, but fortunately not too wet. No droplets on the sleeping bags, just dampness in abundance.  And it was cold. […]