A New Zealand Christmas

Here’s a very Kiwi take on Christmas in Summer: (The kid in this video also starred in the movie “Hunt for the Wilderpeople.” He’s super famous in New Zealand.) Since the majority of the world’s population lives in the northern hemisphere, there are very few holiday songs, memes or themes that feature a summery Christmas. […]

Christmas at McMurdo

Christmas at McMurdo is a BIG DEAL! At a time when people are usually with their families, instead, they are stuck on a block of ice, thousands of miles from their loved ones. To accommodate for the potential loneliness, the meals are made elaborately and everyone is encouraged to spend time away from work. Most […]


My life on the ice has been cleaning, cleaning, dishes, sweeping, mopping, exercising, reading, cleaning. While the work is not awesome, the people are! Not just the people I work with, but the new friends I’ve made in other departments. The reality of McMurdo is that they keep you working long, hard hours so that […]