Taking a break

Days 42, 43, 44 Miles: 15, 0, 0 Mileage from start: 3,790 Around 1 a.m. a strong storm front moved over us. The tall pines around our tent made terrific sounds as they bent against the wind. We checked the radar and saw red heading for us. Will the little tent make it? we asked. […]

A hot day, take 2

Day 41 Miles: 126 Mileage from start: 3,778 We started a little earlier today, so it was cooler in the beginning. Most of the morning was foggy and even slightly chilly, especially after eating ice cream. But we put sunscreen on anyway and it’s a good thing we did because by noon it was hot […]

Hot day for riding

Day 40 Miles: 120 Mileage from start: 3,652 We slept well and dried out the tent at the hotel. The weather forecast called for heat and humidity. Come what may. As soon as we walked out of the hotel, the heat felt like a heavy weight. Oh, well. We started biking and slogged along all […]

One more ferry into Canada

Day 39 Miles: 122 Mileage from start: 3,532 It started raining around 1 a.m. It is pleasant to sleep in a small, well-built tent in the rain. It’s kind of cozy to know you are warm and dry even though there’s just a thin bit of fabric between you and the elements. However, sleeping in […]

Michigan wins worst roads

Day 38 Miles: 129 Mileage from start: 3,410 Those loud teenagers raged into the night with music, fireworks and revving engines. Eventually, they went to sleep, and then so could we. We got breakfast at a convenience store (ice cream and burritos — it’s the best biking food you can find at a gas station) […]

Back in the swing of things

Day 37 Miles: 121 Mileage from start: 3,281 Maybe that hotel stay was all we needed? With clean bikes and clean selves and full stomachs we left Chimney Corners Lodge and continued south on Route 22. Despite following very close to the shore of Lake Michigan for the last 300+ miles, we’ve seen very little […]

Scattered thunderstorms

Day 36 Miles: 88 Mileage from start: 3,160 Not the longest day, but not the shortest. It was another humid one and we spent a bit of time waiting for thunderstorms to pass. It didn’t take long before we were covered in sand and road grime. Sweat plus sunscreen plus humidity plus rain all work […]

Just keep pedaling

Day 35 Miles: 120 Mileage from start: 3,072 Oh, bed. I have been daydreaming about you all day. And now that I’m here, you’re nothing like I imagined you. Rather than camping in an established campground, with full water bottles and freshly rinsed legs, we are half a mile down a road of sand (that […]

Zero on Mackinac

Day 34 Miles: 0 Mileage from start: 2,952 It was supposed to rain today, but it didn’t. We had some clouds in the morning, but the rest of the day was warm and sunny. We had breakfast at the hotel then checked out and walked around the grounds. We biked down the hill to our […]

Shortest day yet…

Day 33 Miles: 38 + 14 on Mackinac Island Mileage from start: 2,952 We left the campground around 11 a.m. with an exciting hotel reservation in front of us. Just that morning while we were packing up, Richard booked us at the Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island. It was a cool morning by the shore, […]